The Thursday Book Bite: Why I love Maisy…

**Sorry for the late post this week! I like to actually write my posts right when I add them to the blog, (not write them before-hand and set to auto post). To me, my writing feels much more organic, honest, and natural that way. (Also, if I write a post beforehand that leaves me with more time to edit, re-read, and mess with each post…which I do not need to be doing!) With that being said, sometimes this means my posts aren’t able to be finished right when I want them to be finished- but that’s okay! Maybe once I have a little more time to concentrate on writing I will be able to post more often, but for now I like being able to let my blog follow my life rather than lead it. Thanks for understanding and for continuing to read!!**


This week I was reading one of the Maisy books by Lucy Cousins to my girls. I have always enjoyed the Maisy stories, but while reading I realized how much I like her and how much I appreciate the books in the series. Here are a few reasons why I love Maisy, and why she should be a part of your little one’s library of books at home:

  • The (mostly) primary and secondary colors of the book appeal to both boys and girls, and aren’t overly complicated. It’s just the right amount of color to enhance each simple story, not detract from it (or make it too stimulating).
  •  Maisy isn’t overly girly. She wears simple clothes. When she plays dress-up she chooses a pirate costume. Painting at school? She creates a picture of a house. As a main character, Maisy is fairly ambiguous which means all girls and boys can associate with her and connect with her. She isn’t just a stereotypical ‘girly-girl’ mouse.
  • The stories are simple, and relate to the pictures. If Maisy is going to the store, each of the items she buys will be shown in the illustrations, not much more. This helps kids to match the text to the picture, which in time will help them to recognize the words in the story.
  • Maisy does what kids do. While I’m not entirely sure where her parents are, the majority of the Maisy stories are based on activities/events that kids actually do every day (or at least pretend to do every day).  Maisy isn’t an overly complicated mouse. She takes baths, makes lemonade, goes to Preschool, and on vacation. Reading these stories are a great way to help your child make connections to real life, and talk about it!
  • Maisy and her friends are too cute! You just want to squeeze ’em.
  • Each story is written with appropriate vocabulary and uses repetition to encourage engagement with the text. For instance, in the book Maisy’s Train there is a line or two at the top of each page about the train ride (where they are going, how fast, etc.) and a line or two underneath about an animal they see on the ride. This text format is repeated throughout. That’s it. Simple. Predictable. Perfect.
  • The books aren’t too long for little ones to attend to. They are a good length for shared reading, especially if you want to read more than one Maisy book in a sitting!
  • They’re paperbacks (or a board book). This may seem silly, but paperback books are cheaper, easier to replace, and much more child-friendly (and a little less presumptuous, right?!?). While it’s important for kids to learn how to take care of, read, and enjoy books in hardback form, paperback is really where it’s at for little ones.
  •  I’m pretty sure Maisy is British, which means she has an adorable accent to boot. And, she has her own TV show which makes her quite a celebrity!

There are a variety of Maisy books, and most are recommended for kids of Preschool age-First Grade (this includes babies, as these books are a great read-aloud).

If you’re looking for a perfect book for a gift, baby shower, or just because- you really can’t go wrong with Maisy!

Angela (a readingteachermom)


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