My ‘To-do’ list. Dreams, every day realities, and the in-between.

I have been thinking a lot about to-do lists, and what kinds of things are on my personal to-do list. You know, the one in my head that I keep adding to, and keep saying I’ll get around to. Not a ‘bucket list’ per se, but a list reflecting what I think the talents, skills, and passions I have been given mean for me and what I hope to do in my life. Recently having been challenged to take the next step and really do something with my passions and interests, I’ve started to think and pray about what I am supposed to do to change my world. We all have a role to play. So, what is mine?

With that being said, I’ve decided that part of taking the next step is sharing my to-do list publicly. I’ve got plenty of ideas and dreams up there in my head, but they’re scary. What can help make them more attainable? For me it’s to share these ideas with others. Say them ‘out loud’. Get myself some accountability- even if it’s just posting them to my blog. That alone will help to make them more real to me. I have always been an idea person. It’s making the idea a reality I tend to wuss out on.

There is a lot of truth in this: we can’t change the world by playing it safe all the time and sitting by with our ideas. We have to be active and participating in and writing our own story. Does that mean we all have to do highly publicized things that garner us a lot of attention? Not necessarily. We can’t all cure cancer or systematically change the educational system. But, we can each do something. Every story is it’s own, and every story has a place in the larger, collective narrative.

Let me add that I don’t write this so that people will think better of me, or want to make a big list like mine. I do think it is a good idea to share those wishes you have in your heart, because they were put there for a reason. I also think it’s important to be honest and transparent about yourself. This isn’t all about me, but rather what I think I have been gifted in order to serve others, and how I plan to go about filling and completing that purpose.

So, here are some of the things I have been thinking about (big and small) and hope to be able to add to my story.

    • Form a non-profit to provide children with a ‘starter set’ of brand new books to begin a home library.
    • Open up The Reading House (which would HAVE to be based in a historic home!), a place where kids and adults can enjoy reading and be a part of a reading community.
    • Publish my own children’s book. (I realize I’m definitely not alone in this!)
    • Complete more research on reading and reading motivation.
    • Publish my own research.
    • Create and publish a set of wordless picture books for infants/toddlers.
    • Complete my Doctorate.
    • Teach at the college level.
    • Encourage (in my kids) a love of reading by reading often and sharing reading through enjoyable experiences.
    • Commit more time each week to my writing. This includes my blog and other ‘ideas’ I have been working on.
    • Commit time each week to encouraging (and sharing) the work of others doing what I am doing (through social media).
    • Finish up open projects (especially those that are 90% finished!)
    • Plan my time so that I can be ‘hands-free’ when with my family.
    • Organize my home and de-clutter. Give everything a place and donate/sell what doesn’t belong. (Hopefully this will help me to think more clearly!)
    • Be intentional about encouraging and supporting moms/families that I come into contact with.
    • Commit a portion of time each day to read, study, and pray.
    • Read at least 1 book each month.
    • Finally volunteer at the non-profit I have been planning and hoping to become a part of!

There are some of my ‘to-dos’. Being an idea person, I had to stop myself before I got overwhelmed. šŸ™‚ There are some lofty goals on my list, but also things that are easily attainable. Now, the trick is to make sure it doesn’t just become a list of things I never do…

What would you include in your list? Pick one item and take the next step.

Angela (a readingteachermom)


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