Early Literacy Resources from our Local Library: Part 1

The weather is beautiful…and I spent my late morning at our local library chasing my toddler, hoping and praying she didn’t rip any board books, and convincing my 3 year-old that while other kids may climb on top of the tiki hut to read, I didn’t actually feel comfortable with that. Why, you ask??

Well, I set out this morning to discover what our local library has available in terms of resources for parents (Oh, and sign up for Summer Reading!). In the few minutes I had to search around before “someone” (little A) tried to run away (or dump all the books on a shelf onto the floor), I discovered that there is an assortment of ‘Early Literacy Kits’ that are available to be checked out at my local library. These Book Bags include a book and an activity page that gives parents ideas of things you can do before, during, and after reading the book with your child. Some kits also included props for storytelling. What a great resource! Very glad I found them!

The Book Bag we checked out today was: What Lives in a Shell? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld (A Let’s Read and Find Out Science book). I picked this because it was a nonfiction title, appropriate level for a preschooler, and I thought I could easily incorporate shells into our learning time in the next few weeks (it was much more of a ‘Summery’ title than the other options).

Literacy Bag: What Lives in a Shell?

Our kit included:

  • A picture book
  • An activity sheet
  • Puppets that go along with the book (Clam, hermit crab, and snail)
  • Pamphlets of information on Early Literacy

How cute are these little puppets?!

Stay tuned for more on how we used this book during our learning time, and what my 3 year-old thought of this literacy experience…AND my challenge to you is to find out what resources your library provides. You might just find something new!

Angela (a readingteachermom)

**An additional note on Literacy Bags-

Back in the day, (which by the way, sometimes seems like a lifetime ago because so much has changed in my life since I was teaching full-time in the classroom) when I taught Title I (with a team of GREAT people!) we were able to send Book Bags like these home with our students so that they could borrow and share these books with their families at home. The students loved playing with the props while listening to (and retelling) the story, and the activity sheet can help parents by giving them practical ideas and tips on what to do in order to really make the most of their time spent reading with their kids. While we couldn’t control if and how these Book Bags were actually utilized once they made it home (as we realized many of them didn’t even get opened), I was very glad that the resources were there and we were doing something to encourage literacy in our students’ families! There were many families that did read the stories together, and that makes it all worthwhile! These Literacy Bags are a good tool to encourage and promote family literacy. If you have your own classroom, or wanted to purchase these to use with your own children, you can buy sets of these book bags similar to the ones I checked out from my library at Childcraft.


2 thoughts on “Early Literacy Resources from our Local Library: Part 1

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